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To be clear, Texas A&M University -- including faculty, staff, students and/or student groups -- did not invite this speaker to our campus nor do we endorse his rhetoric in any way.In fact, our leadership finds his views as expressed to date in direct conflict with our core values.Some have demanded that the university call off the event, something the university says would be impossible for it to do legally, given that Texas A&M is a public institution.Numerous protests are being planned by students, however.

More than 8,000 people have signed an online petition calling for Texas A&M to block his appearance. man has pleaded guilty to a charge stemming from a racist tirade captured on cellphone camera. Corbett was charged last fall after a two-minute video was posted online by a Canadian lawyer of South Asian descent.Police said the confrontation began when the passenger of a large truck took issue with a 0 ticket issued by a parking enforcement officer.And just as Jewish groups are horrified by the high profile of Spencer (or anyone whose speeches are greeted with Nazi salutes), so are many Texas A&M alumni who are proud of the university's military tradition and the role of Aggie alumni in fighting Hitler.More than 20,000 Texas A&M alumni fought for the United States in World War II, and 953 were killed.Rabbi Rosenberg said he would work with Jewish students to find the right protest approach for whoever wants to take a public stand "and to show that hate is not an Aggie value." Many students at Texas A&M appear to be backing a planned silent protest in which students will attend and stand outside in silence.


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