Who is javine hylton dating

When he was 16, Harvey's mother returned to Battersea.He moved in with her and dotes upon her to this day; he dreams of buying her the perfect home and blessing her with grandchildren."I was on a plane flying back from Newcastle when I read her brother's story. "I said: 'Look past him because karma will take care of him.'Scroll down for more..."When I got home, Javine had seen the article and said: 'Did you speak to her?

Scroll down for more..."These are all the things I want to clear up right now," says Harvey. "Javine's ex decided to make a quick buck and he never loved her because you don't make money against your girlfriend. "I knew I loved someone else and my heart was gone from my home. He continues to feel deeply for his estranged wife.

She's with him when we meet in his agent's office in the West End.

There's an overwhelming warmth and understanding between them.

Harvey truly believed Alesha would be the woman with whom he raised them. Alesha with her early dysfunctional stuff had it a lot harder then me.

He met her nine years ago when his success with So Solid Crew was at its height and he was crazy about her. "There were brothers here and there and that's hard for any person.


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