Who is soulja boy dating right now

The April 1948 cover model rocked a classic yellow rainslicker, red wellies, and the ultimate rainy-day accessory, a cute guy with an umbrella.

This issue contained supercute spring dresses that are totally still in style and knitting patterns — hey, we're still all about DIY!

This issue of the mag also contained advice on how to arrange your dolls. Girls back then were always writing in asking about how they could be models! "Think of holidays and parties and this star-struck time of year, and you'll think of a dress like this: a fairy tale of white rayon net, tremulous with sequined butterflies which look posed to fly away.

And an equal amount were also asking about being airline hostesses! Helen Ryan, who is very blonde, wears it on the cover.

"Seventeen is your magazine, High School Girls of America — all yours!

It is interested only in you — and in everything that concerns, excites, annoys, pleases, or perplexes you.

It involves doing your homework during study hall and lunch, going out earlier in the night, and, once in a while, "when schoolwork requires a session at the library hitting the books, turn it into a date."Dolores Hawkins, a singer from the '50s, wore a checkered green dress and little white gloves on the January 1955 cover.

1955 also brought us the perennial "How to Choose a Guy" quiz.

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("With a reassuringly minor amount of effort, you can easily manage even a midweek date, school notwithstanding.") Wanna know?

The January 1950 issue of Seventeen was school themed and featured articles on how to interact with your teachers and navigate the lunchroom. But a brunette could give it her own kind of dazzle.

Also in red and many pastels, by American Debuteen, in Teen sizes, about ."The September 1951 issue was all about new attitudes — starting with those towards purple velvet suits and pillbox hats (yours for only ! 1952 brought us the article "Soup, the great short cut: Good for lunch, good for dinner, and oh, what a help canned soup is for so many, many dishes!

Inside the mag are instructions for how to sew that cute dress on the cover!

1956 Dating Dilemma: "One of my girlfriends insists that you should not let a boy kiss you good-night unless you love him.


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