Women camfree

Some 5,000 suffragettes and supporters of women’s rights marched on Washington to advocate for equal voting rights for women.

Throughout the 1960s there were many anti-Vietnam marches on Washington calling for the end of the Vietnam War, but the largest of these protests was held in November 1969, drawing at least 600,000 people.

The evidence given by the convicted paedophile Ellis was the key to this trial, according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

She would appear via video-link from the US, to address the jury in Plymouth Crown court.

Video posted online last week appears to show a Dutch woman’s webcam being remotely controlled by hackers.

Rilana Hamer, who recently purchased the internet-connected device to monitor and speak with her dog from work, posted footage to Facebook Saturday showing the hacker’s speaking through and moving the device.

Sarah Gotham, and her partner at the time Craig Forbes, were both complicit in the abuse.

Here’s an image of the National Mall during Trump’s inaugural address, taken from the National Park Service’s Earth Cam on the Washington Monument at pm ET on Friday, right around when the swearing-in began: Attendance of the Women’s March is in some ways harder to gauge, at least using aerial photos, because many of the marchers are not just on the Mall but also lining Independence Avenue, where they’ll be marching west toward the Washington Monument.

But from what we can tell from the images we have so far, there are many more people on the Mall and the surrounding streets today than yesterday.

Years ago my hubby was on about my old friend and he said that if I got into as bad a state as she was .......

I couldn't/can't stand the thought of being beholden to him.


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