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And don't teenage boys get inopportune....alertness all the time?

If simple cuddling (as was shown in that picture) is creepy, we really have become too prudish as a culture.

:rolleyes: It's not as if they are making out or dry humping each other on the sofa, right? It's nothing that would ever have happened in my family.

For us, there is no sexual component to the affection.So this is a thing I witnessed as a teen: It's Christmas time.Our family is getting together with another family for dinner and to exchange gifts. At some point, daughter and son sit on the couch together.If they're both comfortable and happy, the rest of us should be happy for them. One of my cousins is 11 years older than one of his sisters, and I know someone who thought it was odd when she sat on his lap when she was a little girl (like, 5 or 6) and he was a teenager, but I thought it was cute. I've currently going with "not creepy," but I actually voted "other," because I think there's not enough information, and it may really just depend on what is normal for that family. They love being cuddly with me and with each other. Sitting between thighs isn't a sibling cuddle position, so I'd have to go with, "eh, that's creepy." But like the photo, not so much.I voted "Other" because it would be creepy as hell for my brother and I. The photo wasn't creepy for brother-sister, but you described something else where her behind is planted on his crotch, if I understand correctly. In our house, though, the genders would be switched. It also made realize that's it's been so long since I watched SNL, I wasn't getting why the audience was cheering when certain cast members walked on stage.I omitted this part from my OP because I didn't want to poison the well. The Sia Elastic Heart video and the ensuing "outrage" and apologies that came out of it is a good example of this. Not that long ago, people could have their hands all over each other without it meaning anything romantic.


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