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"Hull has touched the lives of some of the UK's most successful writers, artists and musicians." A shortlist will be announced by the Department for Culture Media and Sport in June.-------------------------------------------------------------------- LINK: Don't have one, sorry - pasted from another forum which didn't link to the original story.Today almost two-fifths of the population have no qualifications.

No having a go at RL, as it is a great game, but it has a limited reach.------------------------------------------------------------------- The people behind Hull's bid to become the UK City of Culture 2017 said winning would help bring the city "out of the shadows".The city's 11m plans include 1,500 events throughout the year, a literacy programme and 25 different festivals.The melancholy poetry of its secular patron saint, Philip Larkin, seems to ooze from the banks of the Humber.But the view that Hull is on its uppers is, its defenders believe, lazy and unfair. In a move that is likely to see trawlerloads of sarcasm sent up to Humberside, the town that on Saturday saw its football team promoted to the Premier League is bidding to become the UK's 2017 city of culture.Playwright John Godber, who is supporting the bid, said: "I have seen at first hand the social value of theatre to the people of Hull and as chair of the tourism partnership it is clear that culture can be a major driver of tourism.


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