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In order to alleviate her family's financial troubles, Yvonne spent most of her teens performing in nightclubs and on stage.

Needing a new name to accompany her budding career, she used her mother's maiden name, and was thereafter billed as Yvonne De Carlo.

There are three steps: cleanse your skin first thing in the morning and before bed; this removes any grime and bacteria.Follow it with a moisturizer to fight signs of aging and keep skin hydrated.Every three days, add an exfoliator between these two steps (after you cleanse, before you moisturize) to buff away dead skin cells and prevent pore blockage.Use these ten tips and you may just find the 'Grooming Promised Land.' At the least, you'll look better than you ever have.This one is hotly debated, but before you get too upset…you should still rinse your hair every day to rid it of any product and grease.De Carlo's performance as Moses' wife Sephora, opposite Hollywood icons Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner, marked a place for her in films.


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